Garage LP

Garage LP

Garage (remixed and mastered for vinyl)
released 23 February 2015


From the first listen, the energy and driving spirit of the music is captivating and impossible to ignore. This trio was made for this kind of music and their coming together for this album is a joy.

The first track is a cover of the the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Art Star,” and is a bass-driven number with a catchy tune played by Haker-Flaten, over which the sax of Mats Gustaffson screams and wails, at times joining the bass for the tune before spinning off in all directions. An incredible dialogue is set up, with the drums underpinning the other instruments with manic, driving rhythm.

The second track, “Aluminium” (a cover of the White Stripes’ song) starts with deep throbbing bass, before drums and sax come in, the sax leading the way with the others following as willing participants in a battle for the lead. Gustaffson’s sax lays down the gauntlet for the others to pick up and run with as they choose. The track is sheer delight.
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